Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Back-to-School

Maximize your efficiency by getting your car ready for the school season and winter weather at the same time. Many of the tasks overlap, with the ultimate goal to make your car more reliable when you need it most.

If your oil hasn't been changed in a while, it's the perfect time to replace it with some winter-weight oil if your climate has harsh temperature swings. You can also put a set of winter tires on to ready your car for driving on snow and ice. Check your owner's manual for recommended maintenance that matches your car's mileage. Some tasks aren't appropriate for newer cars, while others can't wait if your car is aging. Keep a kit on hand if you do break down. Include a warm blanket, jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight and other items to help you if you're stranded in cold weather.

You can bring your car to Grand Valley Auto Lakewood for help getting your car ready for back-to-school and seasonal driving.



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