Keeping your belts and hoses in check

Our team here at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood understands the importance of keeping up on the maintenance of your vehicle. When it comes to the hoses and belts in your car, they can wear out over time. Here are some tips to help protect your vehicle.

The serpentine belt helps to power all of your engine's accessories. If you notice any cracking, splitting, or squealing, it's signs that the belt should be changed. If the serpentine belt breaks, it can damage the engine, drain your battery, or even make your power steering go out.

A series of hoses work as part of your engine's cooling system. These hoses move antifreeze to your radiator and heater core. If you notice that the hoses are starting to crack, split, or become brittle, it's time to get these coolant hoses changed out. Catching these issues ahead of time can save on more expensive repairs later on.



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