How the Automotive Industry Responds to Problems

As with any inventions, automobiles have had issues that have needed to be solved when it came to the customer. Fortunately, the manufacturers have been hard at work with great results when it came to solving the issue. One example is the rear-view mirror.

One of the most recent inventions of automobiles is the auto-dimming rear view mirror. This type of mirror has become common place in some of the most recent vehicles. One of the problems people had to deal with is that they often have drivers with really bright lights that are coming up on them to the point where it is blinding.

One thing that the auto-dimming rear view mirror does is exactly as it says it does. It detects when there is going to be glare on the mirror with the sensors and then dims the mirror image until the glare is gone. Then it lights back up so the driver can see behind him.



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