Two Simple Tips to Deter Vehicle Theft

Aside from finding our customers the perfect vehicle at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood, we also like to ensure our customers are given the information you need to keep your car safe and secure from theft. People who drive know that car theft is possible, which is why it’s imperative you know a few simple tips and tricks. These can keep your car from being taken.

Lock your car all the time. You cannot assume your car is safe simply because you are at home or in your own garage. It’s a good habit to practice locking your doors regularly, and it does make a difference. The other key factor to prevent theft is to remember to close that sunroof. It’s so easy to forget on a beautiful day, but it’s an entry point for anyone.

Some thefts only occur because the opportunity was there. If you don’t give thieves the easy access that makes them want to take your car, they won’t take it. It’s simple advice, but it’s some of the most effective advice.



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