Adding Covers To Keep Hair And Odors From Inside Your Car

If you plan on taking your pets with you when you travel in Lakewood, you need to protect the interior of your vehicle from hair. Before you leave home, clean the interior of your car to remove any lingering scents of animals. Shampoo the seats and floors to remove odors as well. Grand Valley Auto Lakewood often has supplies that remove odors from inside your vehicle so that they don't return.

A cover can be placed on the seats to keep them clean. Plastic covers often work best because they are easy to wipe down. If you don't mind washing cloth covers or throwing them away, then those that are made of cloth are sometimes more comfortable for your pets, which can make traveling a bit easier.

Keep a lint roller or two inside your car to remove hair. You can protect your windows by getting plastic guards so that the glass doesn't get scratched and to keep pet hair from sticking to the glass.



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