Best Cars for Uber or Lyft Drivers

Want to know what the best cars are for Uber and Lyft driving? There have been a lot of ride-sharing apps that want new vehicles only. With Uber and Lyft especially, you can’t have cars that are in disrepair or even older model vehicles. That’s because ride-sharing customers want to ride in luxury and comfort, as opposed to older vehicles. In order to work with these apps, you’ll also need a car that gets great gas mileage.

Some of the best sedans for Uber and Lyft, according to US News & World Report, include Camry Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, Fusion, and the Prius. If you are going more for size, then you should look at SUVs like the GMC Terrain and Ford Explorer, both of which ranked highly on US News & World Report’s list.

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