Four Wheels Can Be Better Than Two

The folks at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood want you to get the most from your vehicle, and this means knowing how to use four-wheel drive (4WD) features. You can either put the vehicle into four-high (4H) or four-low (4L). When the vehicle is in 4H, it can be driven at regular speeds.

It is designed for when the roads in Lakewood, CO are slightly icy, snowy or slippery for any other reason. When the car is in 4L, you want to be sure to drive at low speeds. It is important to know that the wheels will turn slower, but it is only because it is using more torque in an effort to grip the road.

In some cases, the 4WD feature will activate itself on its own. A computer inside of the car will monitor road conditions and transfer power among the wheels as necessary to ensure a smooth ride.

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