How to Choose the Right Car Seat for Your Child

Car seats barely resemble what you probably used as a kid. Engineering, safety standards and options have all evolved over the past few decades. Getting the right car seat today requires some healthy research. In fact, checking federal and state requirements for your car seats is usually the best first step to take.

When you know the bare minimums, you want to learn the four stages of car safety for children. The first stage uses a rear-facing car seat. This is the norm until after they are two years old. From there, the front-facing seat takes over. You will need a seat that can grow with your child, or you will have to replace their seat as they pass height and weight benchmarks (usually in the car seat’s literature). Eventually, children move from front-facing seats to belt positioners. These are designed to make sure seat belts can safely protect a child who is too big for a car seat and too small for regular seating. After the child exceeds 4’9”, they can use the seat belt like an adult.

Child safety in Lakewood, CO depends on getting the right seat. That’s why we at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood want you to have this information to keep your child snug and protected on the road.

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