Your Car's Alternator: 101

A failure of your car engine to crank isn't necessarily the fault of a dead battery. It might be your alternator. Your car's alternator continuously recharges your car battery and supplies electrical power to your car when your vehicle is running through Lakewood or across country. Here's a basic breakdown of your alternator and what it does.

Few Alternatives to Alternators

An alternator is essentially a generator, converting mechanical energy into usable electrical charges. Ideally, when your alternator recharges your car battery reliably, your car battery initiates the car starter when you turn the key in the ignition, and the starter cranks the engine.

How to Determine Alternator Problems

Identifying alternator problems is tricky. The alternator and the battery are so closely related, you require special gadgets and tests to determine which of the two is at fault. Generally, batteries last three to five years, depending on usage, care and weather. Alternators can last up to seven years.

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