Do you know the warning signs of a faulty ignition system? Our dealership wants to make sure you know the warning signs, and the importance of regular maintenance. Your vehicle's starter will display many symptoms when it needs to be serviced.

If the starter is making a grinding noise, it means a drive gear is worn out, and this can lead to damage to the flywheel. If you hear a whining sound, and the engine isn't cranking, this is called freewheeling. Freewheeling is when the starter gear is failing to engage the flywheel. If nothing happens when you turn the key, you could have a malfunctioning solenoid. The solenoid is what transmits an electrical current from the battery to the ignition and moves the starter drive to the flywheel.

Your vehicle's ignition system and all other systems need regular maintenance. We would love to service your vehicle. Please reach out and make an appointment today.

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