Get to Know Your Gasket: Spot the Signs of Gasket Failure

To keep your car in top condition, you need to know the basics of auto care. This includes knowledge about car components, such as the gaskets, the long-lasting mechanical seals that are essential to your daily driving experience.

The gaskets are responsible for sealing off the different fluids and gases that circulate through vehicles. They create impenetrable bonds between mating surfaces in high-pressure situations. These flat seals are usually constructed out of metals like multi-layered steel and copper, but rubber is also used due to its flexibility. Gaskets are made out of these versatile, heavy-duty materials because they're built to withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals.

While gaskets are designed to last, they can fail when subjects to high levels of compression. If your vehicle is experiencing gasket failure, you may notice the engine overheating, noises emerging from the radiator, or excess pressure in the cooling system. If you're a Lakewood, CO driver dealing with gasket problems, come to Grand Valley Auto Lakewood for professional assistance.

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