Have you noticed a weird sound whenever you push on your brake pedal? If this is a screeching, grinding noise, you could be braking on raw metal if your pads have worn away completely. Without a replacement, your brakes could suffer further damage, such as warping your rotors. There are some other warning signs to look out for.

Before brakes go out, they typically have a number of problematic symptoms. You may notice that your car vibrates when you brake, such as a shaking steering wheel. Your car may also pull to the left or to the right, which is a sign that your rotors are bending. If you notice that your brakes feel squishy or grind down like metal on metal, then it’s time to come in for a service appointment.

You can schedule a service appointment any time at Grand Valley Auto Lakewood. Our service department is always open and ready to serve you in Lakewood, CO.

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